The Dream


March 17, 2015 by positivelypeachie

I have notoriously detailed dreams. I have for years. I went from being someone who couldn’t remember a single dream for years, to remembering the details of my dreams every morning. I don’t know why, I just can.

Last night I dreamt (for the hundredth time) that NB came back (my cat who was hit by a car last year) and he wasn’t dead even though we thought he was. I loaded him into the car and drove him out to the woods and abandoned him there. WTF? Why do I keep dreaming this? Maybe it’s because I feel guilty for putting him outside the night he was killed? I don’t know…but it’s brutal because I wake up thinking he’s alive and feeling remorseful for abandoning him ( I would NEVER do that) and then realize he actually is dead. Any ideas how to stamp out these dreams? They’re taunting.

The second dream I had was even more strange. We were at a big family gathering with two little girls named Kiara and Kasey (not names I would have picked, for sure) who were sisters…they were like 2 and 5 or something like that. They were our kids, but they didn’t have the same skin colour as us so I know we didn’t give birth to them. Kasey, the older one, was crying because everyone was lining up for the potluck and she didn’t think there would be enough food. She kept saying that in her old house she never had enough food and she was sure there wouldn’t be enough left for her and her sister – I kept saying that “daddy” (hubby) was up getting them food already – and I would point to his back in the front of the line where he is loading up two plates (way more food than little kids would eat, lol). I woke up feeling bad that she was so worried about getting enough food, and what must her life have been like before, and then I realized it was a dream.

Seriously…what do I eat before I go to bed?? Do you guys have strange dreams? Maybe it’s a side effects of being infertile…


2 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. mlong3019 says:

    Aw and LOL….my dreams aren’t so much vivid and just off-the-wall strange. Thought of course, they seem totally normal in the moment.


  2. JustHeather says:

    Welcome to wordpress, I Hope you’ve been liking it. I too switched (years ago) from blogspot to wordpress. I’m happy with the choice. 🙂

    I too have vivid and crazy dreams! I haven’t been remembering them too much lately, but I think that is due to lack of sleep and not enough time to process them before I fully wake (get woken).
    Here from ICLW.,


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