Girls of Your Dreams – Canine Linkup!


April 9, 2015 by positivelypeachie


Hi, I’m Chops. They call me Maisy sometimes, and they call me NO! a lot too.

Age: Almost 2

Breed: Labradoodle

Weight: Definitely lapdog size…can’t be much bigger than a Chihuahua…Mom says 70 lbs (whatever that means??)

Hair and Eye Colour: Blackish Brown and BrownFavourite Activities: I love Photobombing (see above),  chasing tennis balls, long runningaroundlikeacrazyperson walks, chasing my sister, staring at people until they feel uncomfortable/peering into your soul.

Favourite Foods: I will do anything for apples, but I also love anything Mom and Dad have, tea towels and Dad’s slippers.

Bad Habits: Mom gets mad at me for stealing things and then chewing or eating them…I think she’s been dramatic. I only chew towels, blankets, slippers, shoes, food and baby toys…that’s hardly anything. I also like to warn my parents when something is outside – like deer, or cars or leaves!

Good Habits: I am fun loving, excitable and always up for a party…but I also know when someone needs a good snuggle and am more than happy to put off my crazy for long enough to make them feel better. I love to snuggle at night.

Homecoming Story: My parents came to meet me when I was just a couple weeks old, they visited me a couple more times before I was old enough for them to take me home.

Closing Remarks: I love our home because I can go outside and run and sniff and lick pretty much anything I want. Except those prickly things that get stuck in my throat and make me gag – I don’t like to lick those anymore…but sometimes I do just for fun, who doesn’t love gagging?



Hi, I’m the Fuzz. My real name is Luna but I answer to pretty much anything.

Age: 1

Breed: goldendoodle

Weight: 50ish pounds, but most of that is curl

Hair and Eye Colour: Natural Blond and Brown

Favourite Activies: Anything that involves loving up on my humans, chasing wind up baby car toys, snuggling, snuggling and more snuggling, mud baths (self administered)

Favourite Foods: I like all food. Please feed me, I’m starving. Are you sure it’s not dinner time yet? I haven’t eaten all week. My stomach is growling. Oh God, feed me. Please, or I will die. Is it dinner time yet? You sure? What do you mean I just had breakfast and will get fat? I’m starving to death.

Bad Habits: I like to take mud baths outside and then come inside and run around the house like a crazy person and get muddy prints all over the furniture, floor and my Mom’s clean work clothes. Oh and I eat poopcicles, I don’t think it’s a bad thing (they’re delicious) but Mom always yells at me when I do it. Sometimes when I go out at night I like to keep them in my mouth when I come in and hide them under the bed. But then I forget they’re there and Mom finds mushy, melted poopcicles in the morning and gets REALLY mad. She can be so dramatic sometimes.

Good Habits: I am the best snuggler in the world and will do anything for love. I love to be loved, and have lots of love to give. I am kind and so gentle.

Homecoming Story: My Mom came to see me when I lived at my old house, which had one outdoor dog kennel for me and my 11 siblings. We were already a couple months old so pretty big to be squished into such a small space! I had never been inside a house, and I never got quite enough to eat – which was evidenced by my small size. Mom felt sad for me and when she put her hand up to the gate, I licked her fingers with more energy and gusto than she’d ever seen before – and she knew I was meant to be hers. So I came home and we stood outside for a while and let my crazy sister run around like a lunatic. Then I went inside and pooped on the floor… and that was the beginning of our togetherness!

Closing Remarks: My sister is always up to something naughty and I have been known to wag my tail excessively every time someone says ‘Maisy NO!’. Hehe. Dad says it sometimes just so I’ll wag and then he tells me I’m ‘morbid’…whatever that means.


Linked up with TexErin-in-SydneyLand for a Meet the Canine’s Linkup!


7 thoughts on “Girls of Your Dreams – Canine Linkup!

  1. texerinsydney says:

    My cousin has a goldendoodle, and they are definitely awesome dogs. Such “little” lovers. The description after Luna’s favorite foods made me crack up! Maisy’s picture on the couch is so lady-like 😉 I love it. Thanks for linking up!


  2. Kerry Enos says:

    Oh My Cuteness! They are so cute. They call me NO! Haha! Love it! They seem full of personality and full of love.


  3. Louise says:

    This is HILARIOUS! They are too cute! I love the cuddle photo and the post-mud bath pic!


  4. brookejones says:

    Haha They are adorable, poopsicles and all! I loved reading about their different personalities. My dog thinks she’s a small dog too. We’ll take her to the dog park and she’ll just go hang with the group of small dogs lol Maybe she just likes a size advantage! Love that picture of them cuddling.


  5. Lindsay says:

    Your two darling are adorable!! I adore the pic of Luna after she’s been in a puddle of mud! Lol

    Love this link up!! 🙂


  6. Katrin says:

    The photo-bombing picture made me giggle! your dogs are so adorable. 🙂 it was fun to read your post! I found you on Erin’s blog!


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