April 12, 2015 by positivelypeachie

Part of the reason we moved across the country was to be closer to our nephews – so we could watch them grow and experience their lives, and hopefully raise our children along side them.

I love being with them, and hubby does too even though he certainly tires of the chaos faster than me – so we have them fairly regularly. A couple times a week most weeks. You’d think in that time, I would have a real idea of what hubby is going to be like as a Dad – but I don’t. Well, I mean, he plays with them and it’s really sweet. But I’m the primary caregiver and I do most of the caring, while he’s really just the fun one. He’s amazing with animals, but I know that doesn’t always translate over well.

Then yesterday happened. I have been fighting a gastro bug since BEFORE easter (I know, crazy) and yesterday was a bad day so I laid down just after lunch and didn’t wake up until dinner time. I opened my eyes and there were hubby and Middle Boy sitting at the dinner table (please take a moment to appreciate how cute a little diapered boy in a big chair at a big table beside a big man is), eating chicken fingers and carrots together while Middle Boy rambled about something about the dogs. He’s 2 – so only half of what he said was understandable – but Hubby responded appropriately and helped him drink the milk from his big boy cup and told him when to slow down. It was so cute. I laid there for a bit longer just listening to them have the kind of conversations that you have with a toddler, and my heart was just so full. Hubby was so careful with him and was taking such good care of him. I could tell by the toys that they had been playing together. I heard Middle Boy repeating “Rachie is seepin, she sick. We be quiet. Shh” Which I know must have been what Hubby had told him. My heart was so full laying there….and it seriously made me weepy seeing him so tender with Middle Boy and being so gentle and caring.

It’s moments like these that string me along on this journey with reminders of all that we have to look forward to (hopefully sans neverending gastro bug)!


One thought on “Moments

  1. Alissa S says:

    Yep. Totally hear this. I had many of these “ah ha” moments off and on before we had a baby. I always knew M would be a good day, I just didn’t see it. He was not really around kids all that much. When you are struggling to get pregnant, those moments are sweet and can send pangs of longing pretty strong. I worried I would never see him with our child, until I did. And then I knew. I know it will happen for you both.


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