My Backseat


April 21, 2015 by positivelypeachie

Whenever I walk past cars in a parking lot, I always look inside. I don’t know why – maybe I’m being nosy, maybe I’m keeping an internal tally on what’s inside, maybe I’m comparing to my own car….but I always do it. I like looking inside – it tells you a little bit about the people who own it. Like, if the car has car seats and goldfish crackers you can be sure children frequent there. If it has a dog blanket across the back seat and with dog hair stuck to it – they’re dog people. If it’s messy, but no evidence of kids then it’s probably someone young who drives it. If it’s immaculate – well, either childless or their children are grown. I like to think it’s a fairly accurate judge on people, and I love checking out the cars almost as much as I love to people watch. But then, today, I noticed my own back seat and realized I’ve got it all wrong.

Normally there is a dog hammock across the back, and the guess that I was a dog person would be bang on. But today, there are two car seats – an infant one and a booster seat. There is a sippy cup in the cup holder on one. Neptune, our resident car seahorse, is strewn between the two. There is a handful of goldfish crackers in the cup holder on the booster seat. On the floor there is a baby laptop, and a ball (possibly the only evidence of my dogs in the car).

While my car looks like that because I’ve been carting the boys around lately – any one walking past my car and looking in would absolutely peg me as a Mama with a child and a baby. Not an infertile with two furry babies she treats like children.

So I’m changing my theory – your backseat does not define your situation in life….it is merely a reflection of what your last couple days or weeks are like. Maybe the immaculate backseats are brand new cars that the kids haven’t been allowed in yet? Maybe the kids sit onto of the dog blanket when they ride in the car – because they’re old enough to not need boosters any more. Or maybe the booster seats are in the trunk – like ours usually are. Maybe the car seats and booster seats and Aunts/Uncles/Grandparents playing chauffeur for a week. I mean, it takes 0.00034 seconds for a toddler to mess up the backseat so that isn’t a fair reflection.

But I’m still going to keep looking in, because I love seeing everyone else’s lives and imagining that I’m actually just one of the mass, and not so different.


5 thoughts on “My Backseat

  1. mlong3019 says:

    It’s interesting to get a little insight on people just by something like what’s in their backseat!


  2. texerinsydney says:

    My backseat tells you that I’m a complete and total mess – ha!!! And that I drink lots of water because there always seems to be a couple of water bottles rolling around.


  3. Mrs. Agony says:

    Never really thought about it! We have a new car, not even a month old, and I am still uncomfortable with people eating in it. But I do have an old towel and a doggy seat belt in the back seat, so if you peeked into my car, you’d correctly guess that I am a dog person.

    I think you missed a category, though: my husband’s back seat is filled with receipts, Tupperware from lunches he forgot to bring in, a sweater, etc., etc. He is 35 and we are expecting our first. If you looked at his back seat, you’d probably think he was a college student, but you’d be wrong – he’s just a slob. 🙂


  4. Alissa S says:

    You are totally right that a car CAN reflect someone’s life, but more likely what their current situation is. I love this post and hearing how you come to these realizations.


  5. Jessica says:

    I shudder to think what someone would think about our backseat(s). 🙂

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