Twireman/ POA :-(


June 16, 2015 by positivelypeachie

My hubby is a firefighter. Or, in the words of my 2 and 3/4’s (his mom insists he is not 3 yet!)year old nephew – a Twireman who always drives the twiretruck.

I don’t know why he swaps “f”s for “tw” when there is an “r” nearby but he does, and it is adorable.

Twireman. Twiretruck. Twarted (hes a boy, this word has been one of his fav’s since he could talk).

But he also inserts it in place of the “sc” sound.

Twrew driver. Twuba divin.

And he adds “d” in place of “s” in only a few situations – “The twireman is doh good at driving the twiretruck”

Then of course, he also says “sh” instead of “s” at the very best times “Shit Chops, shit!” (sit!)

It’s adorable. On Canada Day my hubby is driving the fire truck in the parade, so he’s asked him if he wants to ride with him and he is ridiculously excited about “driving the twiretruck”. There is no explaining he won’t be driving it, when you’re almost 3 and you decide you’re going to do something no one can tell you any different. It doesn’t matter how much we explain he’ll just be riding in it, he is adamant that he’s going to drive it. So cute.

It makes my womb go pitter patter.


On that note….saw the doctor yesterday for my long awaited appointment. It was ok. It wasn’t great. He has offered me clomid for 3 cycles, which I took, but he is not very hopeful. He recommended going straight to IVF which I’ve had that recommendation before but I am not sure about IVF so I opted to try clomid. My last batch of tests showed my ovary is an underachiever and he suspects POA. Premature Ovarian Aging. Insert very sad face…I had never ever heard of POA before, but I know what DOR is. Apparently, it’s when your ovaries show advanced aging above and beyond your natural age. I only have one ovary, and it looks like it’s operating like I’m 40 not 27. Womp, womp. Not good. Which explains how I can try for years naturally with nothing, and when I get help have only chemical miscarriages but no actual pregnancy. My eggs suck.

He is hopeful that clomid will stimulate them enough to get some good eggs fertilized – so we’re going to try it anyway, even if the odds aren’t really in my favour. If it doesn’t work, he wants to look closer at POA and will likely recommend IVF with donor eggs. I’m not ready to talk about IVF yet, so Clomid is really all we’ve got right now. I have had relatively few medications in the past, so he is comfortable with trying it because I’m no where near the lifetime maximum of this or any fertility medications. He is very wary of the lifetime maximums, which I can appreciate, because it’s something that has always made me nervous (not that I’m saying anything negative about those who have more than that in their lifetime, I know lots of doctors do it anyway, but for me it’s been a big fear of mine. I am not big on medications in general, let alone ones that have a lifetime maximum.) He’s also dead set against injectables for me because apparently with PCOS there is a much higher risk of OHSS (I did not know this but once he told me I researched it and it’s actually true) so if we go that route, we might have a few adjustments. We’ll see, I wouldn’t receive IVF through him anyway, I’d be going to nearby fertility center and like I said before – I’m not ready to talk IVF yet.

Anyway, aunt Flo showed up yesterday for my appointment (haha, real funny Mother nature) so I expect the next couple weeks to be really eventful. I responded really poorly to Provera last time, so I am crossing everything possible that Clomid is good to me.

Cross your fingers for me???


4 thoughts on “Twireman/ POA :-(

  1. mlong3019 says:

    Crossing fingers, toes, eyes, everything I can think of!!!

    I like the new blog look BTW!


  2. Haidee says:

    Fingers crossed for you!


  3. JustHeather says:

    Fingers crossed!
    I’ve not heard of “lifetime maximum”. Interesting concept.


  4. Alissa S says:

    I am really praying for some luck here. With as great an aunt you are, I know you’d make an even better mom. My ob/gyn is also very strict about number of allowed Clomid cycles. She won’t do more than 3 Max. I did 2 a few years ago as well as 3 Femara cycles. And like your doctor, my RE wouldn’t do injectables unless I did IVF. With PCOS, it’s too risky and you could end up with a high order multiple pregnancy as well as OHSS. I had a conservative Antagonist protocol when I did IVF to make sure my fertility and health wasn’t compromised.
    it sounds like you have a team looking out for you.


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