Speaking Up


June 22, 2015 by positivelypeachie

I read a recent post that really struck me. Karen, over at Chookooloonks has written an incredibly important post that I hope you’ll take the time to read and hopefully share. You can find it here.

While I don’t have a big audience, I still want to share my thoughts on this and hopefully it might inspire just one more person to think about this.

I heard about what happened in South Carolina. It made me feel sick, and heartbroken, and all kinds of awful. It also made me feel ashamed, because I am white and while I share absolutely none of the same feelings as this man, I am still part of the problem. Not because I’m white, or racist (I’m not) but because I didn’t speak up about it. The more I don’t mention it, the easier it is to fade into the background. The easier it fades, the more likely it is to continue to happen. I didn’t comment, not because of fear, but because I don’t comment on a lot of tragedies in my blog. But I think it’s time to change that and if even one person reads my words and finds the confidence to change something or say something or do something differently that, in one way or another, helps to stop something like this from every happening again – then it did exactly what it was meant to. I was blessed to be raised by a very large (white) family, who happens to believe in loving everyone – black, white, yellow, gay, trans, etc – because inside we’re all the same. But events like this make me realize how uncommon that is, and how incredibly unfortunate that is.

It’s 2015. We can stage entire rallies filled with thousands of women breastfeeding in public all over North America in defense of women’s right to breast feed (which I agree with), and yet – racism is raging and fatal (which I do NOT agree with).

So I’m speaking up, because it is NOT OK to hurt or kill someone simply because they look different than you do. It is NOT OK to judge someone on their appearance or religion instead of the content of their character. It is NOT OK to draw a line between colours and religions. If you peel off our skin, we are all exactly the same, and it’s time we stopped hating and hurting and killing each other because of our differences.

My heart goes out to the families of victims, and the survivors, and God Bless them for finding the strength to forgive the man who took their loved ones lives – because it shows how incredibly honourable and strong their character is. While he could only see hate and murder, they see love and forgiveness – even in the midst of this horrible tragedy. Who is the better person here? Not the white one. Not all white people are good people, not all black or yellow or brown are good people. Not all Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Mormon, Atheist, Jewish, etc. people are good people. Not all Canadian, American, Indian, European, Asian, African, South American, etc. people are good people. Not all straight, gay, trans, bi, etc. are good people. Not all men or women are good people. Not all children are good people. Not all dogs are good dogs. Not all cats are good cats. Not all horses, chickens, giraffes, elephants, seals, lions, pigs, etc are good animals. Not all days are good days. Not all houses are good houses. Not all jobs are good jobs. Not all sandwiches are good sandwiches. Not all things are good. The colour, shape, size, breed, religion, style, etc. has nothing to do with goodness. Character, strength, courage, love, stability, kindness – that is what you determines goodness, and nothing else matters.

Love is easier than hate. Happiness is easier than sadness. We need more love and happiness in the world, and less hate and sadness. Life is easier with less labels, and more freedom.

Enough is enough.


One thought on “Speaking Up

  1. Alissa S says:

    Very well put. I agree that people need to be loving and tolerant towards each other. It’s sad how things like this still happen.


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