Big Consequences


July 30, 2015 by positivelypeachie

Ok guys, I need to vent. Have you heard this yet? Go on over and click on the link…or just google ce.cil th.e lio.n and see what you get.


I get that we need to hunt to survive…and that it’s part of our history. I don’t like it, but I get it. But using the excuse that it’s part of our history, and that’s why we should keep a barbaric habit (It’s not a sport, it’s a habit…like cocaine) is ludicrous. There are thousands of things that were part of our history, but have since been outlawed because – well – they’re not right (I.E: Slave Trade, Genital Mutilation, Medical Practices, Witch Hunts, etc. etc.). Killing an animal for anything other than food or danger is wrong. When will the world get that? Going out, into their homes, and slaughtering them because it makes you feel like a hero? Well…newsflash…it might make you FEEL like a hero, but you’re ACTING LIKE a coward. A big, misguided coward.

Has anyone considered the obvious connection big game hunters have with another type of person? They are addicted to the thrill of stalking, killing and then slaughtering their victims with no chance of defending themselves (like a lion has any chance against a fast jeep, loaded guns and two adult men). They then dismember their victims, skin them alive, and mount their body parts all over their homes to stare at for eternity and show off to their friends. If you heard of someone doing this – you would think a sick, twisted serial killer, right? How about a big game hunter? Uncanny, what they have in common, isn’t it?

I would hate to see the souls of people who kill for fun…they must be dark as hell, and it doesn’t matter whether their victims are human or animal. Killing for the “fun” of killing is one of the worst things someone can do. These people must not believe in Karma, because if they did – there is no way they would continue to do what they do. Nothing good can come from murder.

They want to show how tough they are? Go into the animals natural environment, with nothing but their God given natural defenses (newsflash, humans didn’t get many) and take on that lion or that rhino – and then we’ll see who the real winner is.

I just don’t understand how anyone can kill a living breathing thing for “fun”. The blatant disregard for nature and life is overwhelming, and I would hate to know what is waiting for them when they get to the pearly gates. I’m betting it’s a couple hundred lions, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, and all their other victims waiting to “pay it forward”.


Sometimes, people can be so cruel it amazes me.


One thought on “Big Consequences

  1. mlong3019 says:

    Totally agree!!


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